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S: "These photographs were taken in tandem over the course of 29 days."


P: "Sandra and I became friends in Hong Kong while taking our graduate studies in photography. After graduating, we were roommates for a few months."


S: "I worked at a fine art printer. Polina worked for an events production company. We both like the X-Files, and Friends, and Mexican food. We used to go out to this French rotisserie near our flat when we were both too lazy to cook and talked about our professors."

P: "After a very long process of waiting for the visa and eventually not getting it, I had to prepare to leave. Around the same time, Sandra turned down a job offer. It was clear that the "immigration monster" was not fond of the creative foreign graduates at a time."


S: "There came the point of mutual understanding between us that we were going to have to leave Hong Kong. In all likelihood, we would not see each other again for a few years. Rather than mourn that fact, we instead decided to enjoy what little time we did have left together!"

P: "Right now, Sandra lives in Manila, and I am in Prague. We miss each other. The time difference between the Philippines and the Czech Republic is seven hours. It means that when I am having lunch, Sandra is finishing her dinner."


S: "We still keep in touch, we text, we send photographs back and forth. I like to know what she's up to, who she spends time with, how her family is. Maybe someday we'll be in the same city again, maybe at some point, our days will synchronize once more. Until then, we'll live in the strange synchronicity of a digital-age, long-distance friendship."


S:"Syncrocity is a shared project that links two friends in two different cities across the world. Polina and I set a bunch of alarms throughout March 2017 to go off at the exact same time, and we'd photograph whatever was in front of us at that moment. 


This year has been the busiest year of my professional life, and it has been tiring, but it's been fruitful. I didn't travel much this year or really get out of my home office much. But I suppose this is what "adulting" is. 


Missing Polina and our time together."

P: "I wonder if we will be able to collect an entire year, over 12 years — April 2018, May 2019... etc. It's crazy to think about the last part of the series, January 2028. I wonder if we will have to switch from our phones to shooting with cyborg eye implants. 


I'm still living in Prague, figuring out my career, mainly shooting studio portraiture, hoping to get more involved in fine art photography educational sphere. It has been a rather stressful year for several reasons, but I can't complain. 


This year I was lucky to meet up with a lot of friends from SCAD, still awaiting for Sandra to visit though. Not sure when I will make it back to Southeast Asia myself."