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We were stranded in our little apartment in Prague, life as we knew it did no longer exist, the new, post-pandemic reality yet had to be shaped. How ironic that Roman just acquired a newly-released video game - "Death Stranding," which plot and audio-visual components mixed up in my memory with abandoned and cold Prague's cityscapes, inhabited by occasional maskless and more miserable than ever drug-addicts, homeless drunks, and prostitutes, whom I have been carefully avoiding, during my systematic, almost psychotic old-town sorties.


It was an oddly cold spring. The night and day got all mixed up, which happens with both of us when spending most time inside. The cabin fever, constant Skypes with parents abroad, fear of losing one's family at once, some glasses of red wine over lunch, and intimate evening dancing in the kitchen. This is my story of the first European coronavirus lockdown. Yet, I assume it is not so original. We both were lucky to hang in there, "plague" took some distant relatives, not blood ones. At least, not yet. The battle is not over for anyone. The digital age is not helping, or does it? Being an atheist, I don't pray. I observe, document, and proudly surrender. This is bigger than us. This is the way the world works.

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