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The Russian Dream series is a very personal exploration of cultural stereotypes, which combines the elements of my real and false memories about home. That staged family portrait creates a portal to my deceptive perception of Russia today. Back then, the teachers of youth were low standard western films and stories from parents and grandparents about life in the country that stopped its existence. 


Being born during "Perestroika," I was growing up in the uncertainty of what it means to be Russian. 

There is a particular focus on one character, which has become the protagonist of my narrative. By photographing him in a variety of scenes and environments, I am creating a fictional documentary to analyze the reasons for my personal, cultural alienation.

Artistic manipulation of the atmosphere of commonplace scenes of everyday life of a small Russian town opens up new horizons that stretch beyond what we see and filled with profound and unique psychological and conceptual meaning. 


The idea of reconstruction of cultural and personal memories, using photography is profoundly affected by our imagination, works like human memory itself. The combination of documentary and re-created imagery in one body of work explores where photography lies in the continuum between truth and fiction.


The narrative is a profoundly subjective attempt to clarify the mystery of the Russian soul for the sake of building missing self-identity.

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