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"Color meanings are grounded in two basic sources: learned associations that develop from repeated pairings of colors with particular messages, concepts, or experiences; and biologically based proclivities to respond to particular colors in particular ways in particular situations." (Color and Psychological Functioning; Andrew J. Elliot and Markus A. Maier; the University of Rochester and University of Munich, Munich, Germany)


Since the early 1940s, the color was a target of psychological research. 

Practical purposes of marketing and branding drive most existing works on color and its perception.  As opposed to scientific research, Color Studies Series represents artistic research that examines personal associations with a given color. Every image from the series can be viewed as an independent visual essay, which combines various cultural and historical references with commentary on specific contemporary issues.  


This project is a collaboration of Polina Shubkina and Skene Milne, except for the "Color: Black" image, which is a collaboration between Polina Shubkina and Michael Patterson.

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